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Shingeki no Kyojin

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Alfred Vint Svent
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Tales of Xillia 2

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 9, 2015, 4:59 PM
Do read it if you want to play Xillia 2 or haven't reach the places there stands....
You're welcome to but don't blame me if you spoil anything for yourself.

How did you get into the 1st Xillia?
I asked a friend if I should make her a desktop wallpaper and she said Jude Mathis. That way I got curious.

Did you choose Milla or Jude?
Jude Mathis

-Now for Xillia 2-

A- What do you think of the protagonist?
A cutie.

B- And his brother?
I love mysterious mens

C- Did you know that Ludger's left and right eyebrow aren't the same color?
Yes. His right is black and the left is silver

D- What is it that Ludger helps Jude with?
Getting to the station

E- What does Elle blame Ludger for?
Kidnapping her 

F- How does Ludger access his chromatus lv one?
Julius's watch and Elle's fathers watch gets in contact

G- What's the name of the man sitting in the bar in Duval?
Ridou (Rideaux)

H- As soon as they get to Ludger's apartment... Who comes in?
Bisley, Vera and Ivar

I- Leia is at Marksburg. What is she looking for?
A cat named Julius

J- Ivar gives Ludger two other weapons. What weapons?
Sledgehammer and dual guns 

K- At Helioborg ? and ? joins. Who's ? and ? ...?
Alfred Vint Svent and Elize Lotus

L- How many bosses are there in Chapter seven?

M- What surprises Elle that the 2nd boss says?
That he comes from Land of Canaan

N- And what is his name?

O- What's the name of the ship they board in chapter 11?
E.S.S Pelune

P- How long time do you have to get to the central hall of her?
30 mins

Q- Who is the boss?

R- Afterwards Elle gets really sad. Why?
The fractured Milla switch place with prime Milla. She was fond of the fractured one

S- Lake Epsilla holds the final waymarker to Canaan. Who is that?
Victor Kresnik

T- Do the team know or does he tell it?
"After all. I'm the final waymarker"

U- What is Victor?
Ludger's fractured persona 8 years in the future

V- What is the last thing Victor does?
Hum the Hymn of Proof

W- Chapter 15 is basted on what the heart choses above anything. What do you chose? Save Elle or spend the last minutes with Julius?
I chose to save Elle

X- If you take Julius out you build a ? to Canaan. What is ? ...?
Soul Bridge

Y- So you thought Land of Canaan was a piece of cake?

Z- You finally reached Gate of Judgment. Did you get True or Normal ending?
Normal. Well... In the start I got the True but my PS3 froze -__-,


A- Who do you love above anything?
Alvin and Ludger

B- Who make you feel you're about to vomit?

C- Ever tried out one of Ludger's dishes?
Yep ^^

D- Named a dish after on of them?

E- Who of them would you like to marry?

F- Do you call one of them sis or bro?
I call Julius bro sometimes

G- Would you do anything for the one you love?
Yes I would

  • Listening to: Game music.
  • Watching: Videos on YouTube.
  • Playing: Tales of Xillia 2.
  • Eating: Japanese food and Candy. Candy. Fruit.
  • Drinking: Coca Cola. Juice. Ice Tea. Ramune. Water.


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